Introducing Brewbox, where you not only get to enjoy the beers, but the ingredients which go into them. Enjoy in your own lesiure with detailed instructions or join us live on the 26th February, 7:30pm.  We will be hosting an online tasting event, with Hopfuzz Brewery beers and raw ingredients to get a real look and feel as to what goes into our beers.


Each Brewbox contains 3 Hopfuzz Brewery Craft Beers, a Hop Fuzz pint glass and samples of the grain, yeast and hops that go towards making them. The beers, ingredients and brewing process expertly explained and experienced throughout the course of a 1.5 hour long live tasting event and a Q&A session with Daryl, head brewer at Hop Fuzz


  • A tasting event like no other, with live discussion about the beers, the brewing process and the raw ingredients
  • Live via Zoom on 26th February 2021 7:30pm 
  • 3x500ml Hopfuzz Brewery Beers; American, Fallout and English
  • Hopfuzz Brewery pint glass included
  • Samples of the raw ingredients to feel and taste (boiling water required)
  • Live Q&A with the brewer at the end of the session
  • You will need: A kettle handy, a sink to rinse your glass and a computer with an internet connection 
  • The experience can be enjoyed at your own leisure if you don't like the whole Zoom thing! The event will be also available to watch back to every customer.



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